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The Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) was established in 1961 when a general meeting of top managers in Commerce, Industry and Government was convened to discuss the formation of a management Institute in Nigeria.

Subsequently, the Nigerian Management Group was formed. The Group was immediately accorded recognition by many international institutions like the British Institute of Management, American Management Association etc.

In January, 1964, the Nigerian Management Group changed its name to Nigerian Institute of Management and was duly incorporated under the Nigerian Companies Act , Cap. 37 as a non-profit making company,limited by Guarantee and not having a share capital.


The Nigerian Institute of Management Establishment Act 2003 was enacted as an Act of National Assembly on the 19th of June 2003 establishing the Nigerian Institute of Management as a body corporate under that name and charged pursuant to section 1 (1) (a)-(d) with the general duty of:

Determining what standards of knowledge and skill are to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the management profession and raising those standards and skill from time to time as circumstances may permit.

Securing in accordance with the provisions of this Act the establishment and maintenance of register of members and publication from time to time of list of those members.

Regulating and controlling the profession of management in all its aspects and ramifications and

Performing through the Council under this Act the functions conferred on it by this Act.


The regulatory powers of the Institute is truly wide. Before the enactment of the NIM Establishment Act there were other management professional bodies in existence, which were empowered by the statue establishing them to regulate and control their field and branch of management profession in all its aspects and ramifications. These Institutes were empowered to only regulate and control their respective bodies bearing also the appellation of management in their names. This is deliberate, as the National Assembly did not want to empower one management body over the other.

The National Assembly however took a different position with the enactment of the NIM Act. It empowered the Institute to regulate and control the whole profession of management (including all these other management bodies charter earlier) in all its aspects and ramifications and to determine the standard of knowledge and qualification to be possessed by anybody who seeks to become member of any field of the management profession in Nigeria.

This is the first in Nigeria time a Management Institute has been so empowered to regulate other Management Institute that even received their charter before NIM. I also understand that since the enactment of the NIM Act, National Assembly has refused to charter any other Institute bearing the name Management as a mark of deference to NIM.

In view of the new charter status, the Institute is opening windows of opportunities to individuals seeking professional qualifications and those desirous of upgrading their skills and knowledge for advancement and promotion in the public and private sectors by acquiring professional qualifications in management.

Presently the Institute offers the following Programmes:

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